Institutional Partners

The Brazilian sector of machinery works in order to offer the international market the best product available.

Currently, there are several partners:


The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency works strategically in order to insert the Brazilian companies in the international market, seeking to diversify and add value to the range of products exported, increase the volume commercialized, consolidate the presence of the country in traditional markets and open other ones to Brazilian products and services.

The mission of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development, linked to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, is to promote the Brazilian industrial policy in accordance with the policies of the Ministries of Foreign Trade and of Science and Technology.

Program of support and competitiveness for the micro and small industries resulting from an agreement between the National Confederation of the Industry (CNI) and the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies (SEBRAE). The program seeks to rise the competitiveness of the smaller industrial companies by means of stimulating cooperation between companies, organizing the sector and granting business and territorial development.

The Agency of Development and Investment Promotion held by the State of Rio Grande do Sul is aimed at the economic promotion and development and, consequently, at the improvement of the social condition of the State. Its mission is to lead Rio Grande do Sul to a sustainable development, boosting the traditional sectors of the economy, attracting new investments, concentrating production chains and overcoming regional inequalities.

The Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies seeks to stimulate entrepreneurship and development in Brazil. The agency offers support to the opening and expansion of small businesses, stimulating entrepreneurship and having as a mission its growth focused on the generation of job opportunities and income as factors that contribute to the progress of Brazil.